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Russland und Europa 1547–1917
Russland und Europa waren in den zurückliegenden fünf Jahrhunderten politisch, ökonomisch und kulturell miteinander verflochten. Vor allem ab dem 18. ...
by Martin Aust
Reformation in Skandinavien
Wittenberg war der wichtigste Impulsgeber für die Reformation in den beiden skandinavischen Reichen, dem dänischen und dem schwedischen Reich. In beiden ...
by Simo Heininen , Otfried Czaika
Russia and Europe (1547–1917)
Over the last five centuries, Russia and Europe have been closely interconnected politically, economically and culturally. Particularly from the 18th century ...
by Martin Aust
Christian Frederik Emil Horneman
by Yvonne Wasserloos
Emigration über den Atlantik
Die Auswanderung von Europäern über den Atlantik während des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts, vor allem während des so genannten Zeitalters der europäischen ...
by Irial Glynn
State Forms and State Systems
This article discusses the transformation of Europe from a collection of Christian dynasties and (city-) republics, which were all part of the Church of Rome ...
by Robert von Friedeburg
The term "Reich" is found in a variety of European languages and has several applications in German. "Das Reich" is different, however, and it derives its ...
by Joachim Whaley
Revolution and Migration after 1789
The French Revolution provoked one of modern history's massive waves of political migration. Émigrés from all levels of French society dispersed throughout ...
by Friedemann Pestel
Popularisation of Science
In recent decades historians and sociologists of science have significantly revised their views on how science relates to popular culture. They have replaced ...
by Peter Bowler
Islam in Europe
From the early Middle Ages until the beginning of the twentieth century, Islamic states were an integral part of Europe's political geography. Throughout the ...
by Patrick Franke


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